Dr. Robert C. Newman

                                                                                                                                Biblical Seminary

                                                                                                                        Hatfield, Pennsylvania




            Tendency to ignore God in media & education

            Psalm 19:1-4: universe indicates God's glory to all

            Romans 1:18-20: God's existence & power clear enough that all responsible for not believing


Existence of God seen in Universe running down


            Stars shining (burning fuel) wherever we look

            Compare this to clock running down or campfire burning out


Modern Attempts to avoid a Universe with a Beginning


            Steady-State Theory (1948): Proposed by Bondi, Gold, Hoyle

                        Universe is infinitely large, infinitely old

                        Expansion matches rate at which matter pops into existence (non-supernatural creation)

                        BUT this theory doesn't fit strong evidence that universe was once more crowded than it is now


            Big-Bang Theories (1930s on): Lemaitre, Gamow, Oepik

                        Universe immensely crowded at big bang, some 15-20 billion years ago

                        Lemaitre's (no bounce) version: big bang was creation event

                        Gamow's (one bounce) version: no beginning: contracting from eternity past to big bounce,   now expanding

                        …pik's (multi-bounce) oscillating version: no beginning, bounces every 100 billion years or so


                                    -not enough matter to stop expansion

                                    -no reason to think bounces wouldn't die out eventually

                                    -no known force to produce bounce

                        Result: only Lemaitre's creation version fits known data


            Recent Theories (1980s): Gott, Guth, Hawking

                        See that universe began at big bang, but don't want creation, Creator

                        Try to argue universe began without a cause, or is part of an infinite universe


A Tour of the Universe - universe displays God's power, greatness, beauty, goodness


            Earth: conditions just right; mankind small, environment fragile


            Moon: see value of our atmosphere for breathing, moderating temperature, protecting from meteors

            Mars: atmosphere too thin, too cold; no evidence of life


            Venus: atmosphere too thick, too hot, too acidic


            Outer planets: neither they nor their moons at all promising for life


            Sun: our source of energy: equivalent to 2 billion 50 megaton H-bombs per second


            Life zone: much smaller than once thought, about 5% of earth's orbit


            Stars: some are 1000s of times more energetic than our sun, but use up their fuel too quickly


            Supernovas: use up billion years worth of energy in one year


            Galaxies: average 10-100 billion stars each; billions of galaxies in our universe




            Strong evidence from universe for God's existence


            God's power is seen in stars, supernovas, galaxies


            God's greatness seen in immensity of universe


            Wisdom, goodness of God seen in earth's environment, complexity of living things