Faith Bible Church 11 Sept 1988

Dr. Robert C. Newman

Biblical Theological Seminary






For many today, Q of God's existence is an abstract philosophical problem with little relevance for everyday concerns, OR it is a matter that is so beclouded by the various religions that exist that they either give up trying to find out or figure they can pick whichever religion they       prefer.


Either of these solutions are foolish:

            If God exists, it makes all the difference in the world what life is all about;

            If God really exists, we can't just pick the religion we like, because they teach different, inconsistent things.

            If God really exists, it is possible that the confusion about what He is like is not his doing, but the result of wishful thinking and intentional deception.


We Can Know God Exists


            Sketch types of evidence:


            General Revelation:

                        Origin and Nature of Universe

                        Origin and Nature of Life & Mankind


            Special Revelation:

                        Preknowledge of Science

                        Fulfilled Prophecy




                        Changed Lives

                        Changed Societies


He Does Not Guarantee Us Special Appearances


            Deuteronomy 18: Stay away from the occult.  God has chosen to send prophets who wrote Bible.


            Matthew 5: The pure in heart will see God.


            John 14: Seeing Jesus is seeing God the Father.


We Cannot Know God as Friend if We Remain His Enemies


            As long as we want to live our own lives without trying to find out how God wants us to live, we are really rebels against Him, no matter how pious our words.


            God's two prime commands:

                        (1) Love God w/ everything we are and have.

                        (2) Love our neighbor as we love ourselves.


            Let us not deceive ourselves:

                        1 John 1:5‑7  by walking in darkness

                        1 John 2:3‑6  by disobeying God's commands

                        1 John 2:9‑11  by hating others


We Can Know God Personally (Though Not Exhaustively) Through the Provisions He Has Made


            His Word: read and study the Bible to learn about God.


            His Spirit: believers have the Holy Spirit within to teach them to love the right things, to hate evil in themselves as well as outside, i.e., to have God's attitude toward things.


            Prayer: when we pray according to God's word, we begin to see God working around us (as He encourages us with answers to prayer) and we begin to want the things He wants.


            Modelling by other Christians: thru fellowship with other Xns we see God's character lived out in human lives, in small‑scale, imperfect replicas of Jesus.