VS. BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY


                                                                                                                       Dr. Robert C. Newman

                                                                                                                     Biblical Theol. Seminary


Introduction: the Influence of Liberalism



                        My own experience & that of some I know

                        Bible course at Duke University raised a lot of questions that I couldnÕt answer.  I was helped by coming into contact with the writings of CS Lewis.  Others have eventually abandoned Christianity when they couldnÕt find answers.


                        Effects in Europe, U.S., Korea (?)

                        Liberalism has gutted the mainline churches of the US and Europe.



The Bible


            Its Authority / Inerrancy

                        Evangelicals note Biblical claims and accept Biblical authority & inerrancy.

                        Liberals note problem passages and reject inerrancy & often Biblical authority.

                        Similar situation re/ sinlessness of Christ, goodness of God

                        Each of these three is a revealed doctrine supported by evidence that Bible is God's revelation.


            Its Authorship

                        Evangelicals don't object in principle to sources, multiple authorship, but believe Biblical claims about its own authorship.

                        But liberals reject external evidence of authorship for speculation.

                                    See C.S. LewisÕ essay "On Criticism" in collection On Stories (1982).


            Its Miracles

                        Liberal arguments against miracle:

                                    Hume, Harnack, Bultmann

                        What would a miracle look like?

                                    Creation, fulfilled prophecy


The Person & Work of Jesus Christ


            His Deity & Humanity

                        Taught throughout Bible: OT/NT, Gospels/Epistles

                        Liberal substitutions


            His Sinlessness

                        By Biblical standards, not by world's


            His Death as Payment for Sin

                        Also taught throughout Bible (Isa 53:4-6; 2 Cor 5:21;

                          1 Pet 3:18)

                        Necessary if God is to be just & declare sinners righteous (Rom 3:26)


            His Resurrection

                        Not recovery from a coma, fraud by Jesus or disciples, or hallucinations

                        Appeared on numerous occasions, for extended periods of time, to multiple witnesses, of whom hundreds still alive years later


            His Return

                        Liberal rejection takes form of scoffing in 2 Pet 3:3-4

                        We need to remember and remind others of evidence that Christianity true, as it will be too late when Christ returns or they die


Conclusions: What Can We Do? (Jude 20-25)


            Keep ourselves

            Have mercy on others

            Trust God




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